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What is subscription PRO?

PRO subscription is a kind of a bilateral, mutually beneficial agreement concluded between IBB.UK and the website user. We offer our subscribers the best purchase prices for building materials and advanced website functionality. PRO365 subscription, moreover, connects the Real World of the construction sector with the Crypto World , i.e. blockchain technology and digital assets.

The Real World

In exchange for the PRO30 subscription fee of 20,-GBP net/ month or PRO365 one-off 200,-GBP net/ year , we offer our clients additional, exclusive options:


The lowest prices of building materials offered, which is possible thanks to direct contracts with manufacturers and distributors, optimized costs, the use of the most modern technologies and the lowest possible margin in accordance with the simplest economic principle of "high turnover - low profit"


The right to participate in the "Earn with IBB" program, (option applies to PRO365 subscription only), where the person or company recommending us is paid a 2% commission on each transaction on the value of purchases made by own purchasing group (dedicated procedures and T&C apply)


Access to the extended version of online cost estimates enabling the calculation of most typical construction and installation works in the field of Labor, Materials, Equipment and Overheads, full editing as well as saving to PDF files, printing, creating your own library of cost estimates and access to 3D drawings.


An extended presentation of your company in the Companies Catalog with logo, descriptions, photos, and a recommendation module


Posting free advertisements in the Announcement Board  the number of advertisements and the time of broadcasting depends on the status of the website user, i.e. guest, PRO30 subscriber or PRO365 subscriber


Using the option of posting Advertisements on the website  with appropriately profiled discounts for various users


Preferential purchase of shares in our London Volleyball Team IBB Polonia VC London – (option only for PRO365 subscribers) - a seven-time England Champion - at a preferential price; details in the Menu tab - IBB Polonia VC

Choose the plan you are interested in


30-day version.

It includes the right to use the additional options we offer, including the best purchase prices, for a period of 30 days.

This version does not activate digital assets and does not allow you to earn money with IBB. As part of this subscription, you will also "not move" to our Crypto World.

We suggest this choice for people or companies who are interested in:
- favorable prices for the purchase of building materials during the subscription period
- one-time use of online cost estimates in their basic version
- increasing the number of advertisements that can be placed on the Industry Notice Board to two active monthly
- the option of placing the Recommendations in your profile in the Directory of Companies for the duration of the subscription
- 10% discount on any Advertising option on our website ordered during the subscription period


365 day version.

Includes the right to use all of the additional, unique features we offer for a 365-day period.

It also allows you to join the Earn with IBB program.

A PRO365 subscription gives you:

- the most favorable purchase prices for building materials on our website during the subscription period
- unlimited use of online cost estimator tool in extended version
- increasing the number of advertisements that can be placed on the Announcement Board to five active monthly
- the option to post a Recommendation in your profile in the Companies Catalogue for the duration of the subscription
- 30% discount on any Advertising option on our website ordered during the subscription period
- exclusive right to Earn with IBB program, i.e. to commission on the turnover of your own purchasing group, by issuing IBBgold assets and collecting commission in IBBcoin digital coins, which can be converted into British pounds at any time.

We suggest PRO365 subscription to those people or entities who, apart from the possibility of regular purchases of building materials at the best prices and a wide range of additional extended website services, are interested in huge earning potential as part of network marketing combined with blockchain technology and further exploring the Crypto World with us.


What is the guarantee that the building materials you offer will be the cheapest on the market?

We do not give such a guarantee. We do not control the entire market. The undertaking was prepared for a very long time and its most important assumption was and is the optimization of costs and optimization of selling prices. Another important element is not so much the maximization of profits from the sale of building materials, but the diversification of revenues from various additional, unique and exclusive options. We have been successfully implementing this model for many years on the British market and we know for sure that it brings tangible benefits to both parties.

How would you compare the Earn with IBB program to other financial investments?

The difference is fundamental. The Earn with IBB program is not a financial investment, but rather an investment in your own work by building your own purchasing group, working constantly 7/24 and bringing monthly income. Strictly financial investments in passive income are rather investments in ... abstractions, speculations, they are often very risky, because they depend most on others and ... on luck. With us, as part of the price for the PRO365 subscription, you get an additional opportunity to trade in others capital, i.e. ours and our suppliers' capital, worth many million zlotys. We enable our PRO365 subscribers to earn commission on purchases made by our own purchasing group, which can reach up to ten entities. Capital investments in bank bonds or deposits today are a real loss on capital due to the minimum interest rate as well as inflation, i.e. the devaluation of money. Investments in precious metals or real estate can at most store the value of money, not much else. Investments in Stocks Exchanges, in Bitcoin, in Altcoins or other stock market novelties are very risky ventures that require a lot of knowledge and ... luck, and in addition do not give regular monthly inflows, unless you are a professional trader. Our offer beats all these conventional investments. IBB can pay commission on demand, every month. When you see the income from your equity investments - possibly never, which we don't wish you to do.

The fee for the professional version of online building estimator seems low. How reliable is it, how accurate? We all know that what is cheap can't be good?

The online cost estimator we offer are our proprietary program built by builders for builders. It's not cheap just inexpensive. Its accuracy is about the same as the performance of different builders or the valuation of one builder compared to another. One is faster, the other is slower, one is very accurate and the other is accurate enough. It is similar with cost estimates. The most important are labor workload and material consumption. The rates and levels of overheads are an individual matter. For this reason, we have built the so-called The IBB Library , which is our proposal including rates, labor consumption, the amount of overheads, material consumption and their type, profit level, etc. All these elements can be edited by yourself, adjusted and thus build your Own Library and thus your own level of calculation.

Companies Catalogue - what will I potentially gain by registering and entering my company into it?

Our domain and linked to it has been operating on the Polish market since 2003. During this time, over 24,000 entities, including individuals, have registered with us. Currently, we have returned to the implementation of our ideas from many years ago, which were then very premature. Our mission dedicated to the construction market is the widespread introduction of recommendations as the most effective verification of the quality of services offered. The mass of entries in the Companies Catalogue, combined with other website functionalities, will enable everyone to efficiently find a service provider, purchase building materials, obtain advice from professionals, an easy and intuitive valuation of works and, in addition, an interesting form of earning. "To build" will no longer be a curse.

How much does it cost to publish an advertisement in the Announcement Board and how long does it last?

Financially - nothing, you only need to spend a few minutes registering an account. As standard, we do not require anything more than an email and a password to register, but if you want to post an advertisement, you must provide more data such as: name and surname, company data (if the advertisement is posted by a company), contact telephone number, postal and e-mail address. Some of this data will be visible to the public, others - the advertiser decides. The posted advertisement is not automatically displayed, because it requires our administrative approval (T&C apply). Ads are free. A registered user is entitled to one ad, a PRO30 subscriber to two, and a PRO365 subscriber to five published simultaneously for a period of 30 days.

What is the advertising potential of your website? After all, you are new to the market.

We are not new. We launched in 2003. We ran it until 2006 and then fate threw us to the UK. Now we are coming back richer with experience. In the meantime, the portal's user base has grown to 24,000. From the very beginning, our goal has been the complementarity and universality of services in the construction sector. We are now consistently continuing this intention. Answering the question directly - we are going to invite everyone interested in promotion in construction sector and encourage them with low prices of placed advertisements. We have hundreds, thousands of advertising spots, i.e. on the website pages, in individual categories and subcategories of goods, as well as displayed by keywords. Comparing the costs of advertising campaigns on our website with the offers of global services is a hundredfold difference. It should be remembered that with us there is no need to target users too much, reach target groups - they are builders and building investors. Most of those who use the website are already convinced of its industry-wide use value. Our task is to enlarge this group. We invite you to monitor the progress in this area and advertise.

Are there any fiscal or legal consequences of purchasing a share in a British entity such as the IBB Polonia VC club? What is your interest in selling your share at such a low price, and in addition in Poland?

Yes, of course there are consequences. The financial ones, like in a Polish limited liability company, come down to the shareholder's liability for any Club liabilities, up to the amount of engaged capital, i.e. GBP 100.00. You are a full shareholder of the Club. In addition, you should read and sign the Shareholders Agreement and several other documents. You will be entered in the British register in Companies House as a shareholder. You do not pay any taxes on this, but you are entitled to profits, which, however, we do not foresee as current shareholders. All revenues and possible operating income will be reinvested in the Club for many years to come. Importantly, the Buyer will receive an electronic copy of the shareholder's certificate. Before buying, you will have to read the investment risk assessment on website, even if it is only GBP 100.00, because it is required by British law. What business do we have to sell the shares? Simple and clear. Each sold share is statistically another fan and volleyball enthusiast that we all like, it is one more promoter of building the potential of the Club and our Polish national sport discipline in the UK. Join the volleyball stars. Our shareholders are, for example, the legendary Brazilian GIBA and the Pole Krzysztof Ignaczak vel "Igła". Welcome! Recommend us to your friends but remember to register for the PRO365 Subscription program in advance - we advise!